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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Never hope to find the quick installation guide quickly

When I tried to install a VoIP telephone from Philips I visited their website, as the instructions in the box told me to, to search the most up to date installation manual. My search was very rewarding... not only did I find the installation guide, I found the search to be a good contribution to this weblog. Why? The search took me through three menus and came up with three different names for what I was looking for.

The search went something like this: now where do I find the installation guide... o look a FAQ on how to install the VoIP, right on the main page, this is easy... o, the answer to the FAQ is a link to the main site, isn't it where I just came from?!... well, I'll try the menu on the left.. let's see, Getting Started, that sounds right... o they have a quick start guide, I suppose that is the same as the quick installation guide, so I'll give it a go... ah, it is a pdf file, but it's titled installation guide... are they acknowledging that there is nothing 'quick' about it already?!


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