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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Knee operated tap

Look what a lunch talk can come up with. The entertaining value of the verbal account (and stunning mimicry) of an encounter with one of these (thanks A.), was an inspiration to find some visuals. Wouldn't everybody who has never seen this before frantically look for knobs, infrared sensors or anything to touch... above knee level!?


  • Actually, this picture shows how it should be operated quite well. I mean, you can't really miss that huge spear, sticking out of the wall. Next time when I'm in Antwerp I'll remind myself to make a picture of the tap there. Not only the pole for operating the tap was completely built-in, but also the tap itself was hidden behind a huge mirror. When I squeezed myself under the mirror I was ensured that there was indeed a tap with potentially water coming out of it. But I really had to step back to see how the thing could be operated. Add to that the almost darkness in the room and you have a real quest on your hands for finding any water at all!

    By Blogger Angelique, at 2:55 PM  

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